Jeremy + Marissa co-teach this course as part of YA-registered teacher trainings

This course fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements for the "Subtle Body + Philosophy" modules of 200- and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. We have taught this program for YogaWorks (2015, 2019) and TruFusion (2015, 2016). 

The basic program is 30 hours of instruction in  Yoga philosophy, Pranayama, Sanskrit chanting, Yoga Nidra, concentration/meditation, and Yoga lifestyle, co-taught by Jeremy and Marissa. The curriculum is fully adaptable to meet the needs of any school's Yoga Teacher Training program and the experience level of the participants.

All of Desert Yoga School's courses include beautifully illustrated hand-lettered manuals that perfectly accompany the sequence of the instruction. 

Contact us to discuss the possibility of inviting Desert Yoga School to present material as part of a more extensive yoga program.


Student Feedback: YogaWorks 2019 Session

"Love the course that you both have developed.  It makes sense to me.  I’ve taken two 200 Hr. trainings and never really enjoyed the sutra portion of it. I just couldn’t relate.  I was hoping that the 300 Hr would somehow tie it together...  You both have done a wonderful job making it relatable because you each share from different experiences.  It’s very obvious that you walk the talk.   Also, the materials that you provided each one of us is over the top.  I love my mala.  <3   You both clearly want to see your students succeed." 

"I've been loving every moment of time spent in class. I enjoy the consistent flow of the curriculum, and how you've introduced layers of information. The materials given were thoughtful and helpful, nothing overly fancy yet precise enough to make these topics more easy to understand."

"Overall, I have noticed some positive changes in my life from the breath work. I've tried different times of the day to see what works best for me and I've noticed when I do the breath work in the morning, it's really helped to keep my anxiety down or stay calm in challenging situations during the day that I can honestly say used to get me fired up. If I do the pranayama exercises before bed, it's helped me sleep through the night."  

"I think you guys are amazing, truly. The weekends I’ve spent learning with you both have been such an incredible experience that I will forever be thankful for."

"I've enjoyed learning from Marissa and Jeremy. The philosophy is my favorite. I'm glad that I was introduced to the various breathing exercises and chants. You two are awesome and knowledgeable yoga practitioners." 

"I find out the pranayama practice really helps me to find the inner peace. I love all your courses and instructions, especially the practice we did together." 

"I truly enjoyed the weekends with you.  It was different, educational, and although it was hard your energy was easygoing.  You were/are so prepared!  The personalized books, Mala beads, down to the mechanical pencils is truly impressive.  And the wonderful food you prepared... that is ‘beyond the call’...  

I think you two are great." 

"Thank you so very, very much once again for being you. Your kind, generous, thoughtful, and witty personalities were awesome to be around. You two are so adorable together too ❤. I truly enjoyed learning from you two. Thank you so much for the divine food you brought. I'm blessed with the opportunity to have met you ."

"Thank you for the knowledge, energy, and smiles you graced upon us. It has been divine!"

"Thank you both for your time, energies, and thoughtfulness in this training. Your expertise and care made it not only enormously educational, but an experience I will reference often and fondly. I feel both elevated as a teacher and enlightened as a student."

"I feel so incredibly blessed that I had the opportunity to learn from such extraordinary people like Jeremy and Marissa. You brightened up so many of my days with your kindness and knowledge. You made a great impact on my life and I can't say 'thank you' enough to express how grateful I am and that our paths have crossed."

"I so enjoyed the essence of the two of you and your program. You both have a beautiful gift of teaching in a way that is easy to understand complex material in a very engaging manner."

Student Feedback: Trufusion 2016 Session

"Thanks for such a wonderful introduction to yogic philosophy. It has honestly impacted my life on a deep level that I will continue to explore."

"Your grace and your presence in our yoga training is something that will stay with me forever."