This course is offered at UNLV as PEX169 with Marissa

This is a 30-hour introductory course in Yoga theory and practice. A well-rounded, breath-centered, set series postures practice is presented. Students are taught exercises in breath control and mental concentration. Short lectures on relevant yoga topics are presented. Students are taught sun salutations, standing postures, backbends, and closing postures, including modifications and alternative postures as appropriate for the individual. Class sessions include both instructor-led and self-led components. Students are shown the postures, verbally guided through the postures, and given time to practice the postures on their own while the instructor observes and provides clarification as needed. Hands-on adjustments are made by the instructor when deemed helpful and appropriate. All sessions end with supine relaxation. Students are asked to engage in an additional two practice sessions per week on their own to reinforce their knowledge of the posture sequence, the alignment of each shape, and to gain experience with the yoga practice.

This course is offered at University of Nevada Las Vegas as PEX 169 with Marissa.   

Upcoming Sessions:

-2020 Spring Semester at UNLV, 1/21/2020-5/9/2020

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7:30-8:20 am, 8:30-9:20 am or 10:00-11:50 am

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Student Feedback: Summer II Semester 2019

“This class is very well rounded; my expectations were surpassed. Our instructor Marissa was amazing, she gave us history on yoga, demonstrated everything we learned, and helped us enhance our abilities in each yoga pose or sequence."

“I enjoyed taking this class so much in the spring that I wanted to retake the course over the summer. Again, I enjoyed taking this class with Marissa and wish there were not a limit as to how many times students can take PEX169."

“I find yoga to be a physical activity that is both engaging and relaxing at the same time. Not only did the yoga course help me to learn how to do yoga, but it also showed me that it could be fun and doable to practice on my own."

“The PEX-169 course provided me the opportunity to learn about yoga practice beyond posture sequences. I found that the lessons presented before each daily routine helped me to adjust my breathing strategies and hip rotations in ways that improved my overall yoga performance. I not only became more comfortable completing a yoga routine at home, but I became more confident in my ability to do yoga.”

“The most important thing I am going to take away from Marissa’s lectures is the breathing practices. Just being aware of how to “properly” breathe has already come in handy several times.”

“I can’t thank the professor enough for answering all my questions and teaching me so much about yoga in such a sort amount of time.”

Feedback: Spring Semester 2019

"She has a great understanding of the history of yoga and how we can use it in our lives today as students. She clearly practices herself and has great passion for it which translates into her teaching and makes us passionate about learning."

"Marissa Harris is very knowledgeable about yoga and can tailor the routine in the class to help meet students where they are physically and help them improve. We learned extra postures for general help with "study posture" and other physical habits that affect us through life. I enjoyed every lesson and feel like I really improved in yoga in this class."

"One of Ms. Harris's strengths is that she is able to clearly articulate things. She is patient and really observant when it comes to helping us with our postures. I really appreciated how knowledgeable she was."

"She was very knowledgeable, personable, and caring about the students and whether they learned the material. She was always willing to cater information and postures to students' unique needs."

"She is super understanding, thoughtful, and dedicated to students. She is passionate about yoga and about helping students understand its importance and how it can benefit ones life. She demonstrates patience, encouragement, and support to students who are completely new to the practice. She only wants the best for her students and she keeps it real."

"She has extensive knowledge in the area of her teaching. She has extreme patience and understanding with and of her students."

"Pacing was excellent. She presented the information at the exact teachable moment that the students were ready for it making the sequence of learning seamless. She is a master teacher."

"Marissa is one of the kindest instructors I have ever met. She is incredibly patient with students and continuously suggested alternatives to students if they were struggling. Her lectures were engaging and interesting. I unfortunately had some injuries during the last few weeks of the semester but she was really kind and offered different methods that enabled me to still participate. Her passion for yoga is undeniable and radiates off of her! She gives a lot of positive reinforcement which was quite helpful and effective."

"Her vast experience and dedication to Yoga as a profession has had an extremely strong and positive effect on her ability to guide and correct her students toward a more sound and ideal practice."

"A true master teacher, written assignments directly complimented in class activities."